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Karma Acoustic Sound Proofing Insulation Solutions

Sound stop solutions using Karma membranes and Karma composite products

Karma offers a wide range of competitively priced, high performance acoustic solutions for walls, partitions, floors and other structural applications. All Karma products offer the same high standards, achieve optimal performance levels, and are ideal for refurbishment and new build projects.

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Product Applications

The foundation of all Karma products is the Karma Membrane, which as well as being a stand-alone product, is an integral part of the Karma product range.
The Karma Membrane can be used on its own to improve acoustic insulation values and effectiveness in numerous ways, such as enhancing an existing finish with Karma Membrane to minimise impact noise transference.

For example, dramatic improvements in sound insulation can be achieved in noise penetration through existing walls or ceilings by applying an Karma Membrane to existing walls and/or ceilings, then adding Knauf Soundshield Plasterboard, or similar interior wall cladding.

Noise penetration through existing floors can equally be reduced by cladding existing floors with Karma Membrane, then covering with new flooring materials such as floor boards, parquet, laminate flooring, et cetera

There are numerous applications that can benefit from the application of Karma Membrane and / or Karma composite product such as are indicated below.

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Karma Acousti Membrane and associated products

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Karma Acoustic Product Variants

Karma Acoustic Membrane

Karma Membrane

  • The sound reduction insulation membrane solution
  • Original product was developed using a nano vacuum technology to attenuate sound.
  • This patented technology only is only 1.2mm thick based on synthetic rubber.
  • It is supplied in rolls of various sizes. Patent number: EPC (UK) 1173503.

Karma Acoustic Blanket

An innovative acoustic quilt which can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • The product combines the absorption performance of mineral wool with the unique isolation characteristics of the acoustic barrier membrane.
  • Karma Acoustic Blanket is an acoustic quilt Consists of an acoustic barrier membrane, sandwiched between two layers of 25mm mineral wool, for maximum effectiveness.
  • Will not slump over time, enhancing the service life
  • The acoustic barrier within the product ensures that a continuous layer of soundproofing exists, avoiding problems with running services through the cavity
  • Dimensions 52mm x 400mm, 600mm or 1200mm x 5000mm


  • The Karma Membrane is sandwiched between two layers of 25mm mineral wool for maximum effectiveness.
  • Overall thickness of 52mm and is supplied in rolls of 5m lengths and 1200, 600, 400mm widths.

Karma Acoustic Overlay

E-Couse Ecobase wall and floor acoustic insulation
  • Karma Acoustic Overlay Boards are suitable for use in new build or refurbishment timber floors.
  • Comprises 18/22mm P5 tongued and grooved chipboard laminated to 5mm closed cell, cross linked polyethylene foam.
  • A 5mm closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene resilient layer, laminated to a moisture resistant tongued and grooved chipboard
  • Minimal height increase making it ideal for refurbishment projects
  • Dimensions 23mm or 27mm x 600mm x 2400mm

Karma Acoustic OverlayPlus

  • Moisture resistant tongued and grooved chipboard, laminated to a polyurethane resilient layer
  • Sustainable product made from recycled materials
  • Excellent performance offered for impact attenuation
  • Dimensions 28mm x 600mm x 2400mm

KarmawrapKarma-wrap for reflective insulation for air ducting pipes and enclosures

  • The Karma Membrane is sandwiched between two layers of 25mm mineral wool with a reinforced aluminium foil facing on one side.
  • Suitable for the thermal and acoustic insulation of air ducting, pipes and enclosures.
  • Supplied individually in various sizes.

Karma Joist Cap / Joist Hood

  • Karma Acoustic JoistHood is suitable for use in the refurbishment of timber joist floors within masonry constructions and also useful in ‘Room in a Roof’ applications.
  • Consists of a 12mm profiled low-density polyethylene foam with gas impregnated acoustic additives
  • Specifically designed to friction fit onto the joistsJoist caps / hoods placed ver the joist prior to fitting floor boards.
  • Dimensions 12mm x 50mm x 2000mm

Typical Applications ...

  • Ideal on masonry timber joist refurbishment projects, if floor height is an issue or when existing floorboards are to be replaced
  • ‘Room in a Roof’ applications to block airborne and impact sound

Benefits of Karma Acoustic Joist Hood ...

  • Laid straight onto the joists, no sub-deck required, which reduces floor height and saves on labour costs.
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle with a simple installation process
  • Offers a minimal height increase making it easy to marry up to existing stairs on refurbishment projects.

Acoustic joint sealing tape

Karma Acoustic Perimeter Strip

  • Karma Acoustic Perimeter Strip consists of 100% recyclable non-crosslinked polyethylene foam.
  • The product is designed to prevent any flanking transmission and maintain the acoustic integrity of a structure.
  • Karma Acoustic Perimeter Strip is installedat a structure’s floor and wall perimeter.
  • The product is available in 5mm and 10mm thicknesses, 100mm and 150mm widths and 25m rolls.

Karma acoustic floor insulationKarmafloor

  • Comprises 6mm laminate of Karma Membrane and 5mm closed cell foam.
  • Can be lapped over at wall junctions, forming an integral flanking strip.
  • Supplied in rolls of 6mm x 7.5m x 1.5m.

Karma Direct to Joist Solution

  • High performance ecoustic floor insulationDirect to joist boards are designed for use on refurbishment projects where existing floorboards are to be replaced and where there are problems associated with lifting the floor heights. Direct to joist products provide insulation and a finished floor surface in a single product.
  • Consists of a 22mm moisture resistant tongued
    and grooved chipboard, laminated to 15mm bi-composite foam resilient layer
  • Sustainable product made up of recycled materials
  • Dimensions 37mm x 600mm x 2400mm

Product Specifications

Regulations governing the transmission of sound between dwellings is a relatively modern creation. Many older buildings were created without any consideration being given to the issue of noisy neighbours. Furthermore, the levels of external noise around these buildings has increased significantly in recent decades, with buses and lorries, for example, often passing close to many properties.

When a property is refurbished or converted, it will generally become necessary for it to meet the necessary regulations. These regulation don’t exist simply as a demand of Building Control but reflect the level of people’s expectations regarding acoustics and soundproofing in the 21st Century.

The Karma range of soundproofing products has been created to ensure both regulations and expectations can be achieved.

Product Installation

Where ever possible, stagger the joints if double layering of plasterboard is required.

Ensure boarding goes all the way down to the floor and all the way up to the top even if skirting or a cornice covers it. And, for optimum performance use sealant on the joints.

Light or plug sockets should not be placed back to back otherwise the sound will go straight through the structure. Around the sockets, to maintain integrity, use intumescent putty seal which swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume, and decreasing in density. Intumescents are typically used in passive fire protection.

Pay particular attention to the end detail of wall and floor junctions.

Attention to detail is absolutely essential, to ensure that a soundproof structure is performing to its maximum level great care must be taken in its construction.

It must be built as if it needed to be waterproofed - as sound, like water, light or air - will find the smallest crack and expose it as a weak part in the structure.

Any gap or hole will significantly impair the construction’s performance. A single 25mm hole in an otherwise acoustically sound partition can reduce performance by up to a massive 15 dB.

Although a 25mm hole should be visible a crack 1mm x 1m will not always be obvious, and if this is not treated correctly with an acoustic sealant it will be detrimental to the structure.

Please remember that an acoustic construction is only as good as its weakest link.

This patented technology (Patent number: epc (UK) 1173503) results in a 1.2mm thick product based on synthetic rubber and is supplied in rolls of various sizes.

Product Information and Certification

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Karma Product Brochure


European Merit Award Winner for Research & Technology
1999-2001 European Award for Support for Products Under Research
2002-2003 DTI Most Innovative SME Award.2000
Arena Network Most Promising Environment Products Award 2005

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