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Application - Separating Floor Levels - build-up and product selection suggestions

including between and above + between joists, and below ceiling

Floor slabs made from mineral wool have robust acoustic properties

Effective acoustic insulation is what it is all about when it comes to floors above the ground level.

Separating floors should not allow the transference of unacceptably high impact or airborne noise.

In an apartment block, for example, the installation of sound acoustic insulation, (excuse the pun) is a legal requirement.

Generally, acoustic installation is located between the floor joists to inhibit airborne noise, and just caps are placed above the joists to reduce impact noise.

We are frequently asked about, 'squeaky floor boards' which can be distressing. Sadly, we know of no solution to this problem other than lifting the floorboards and fitting joist caps, or similar, then replacing the boards.

Fitting an appropriate breather membrane can effectively inhibit drafts and the spread of dust.

Separating Floor Level Build-up / Insulation Types / Combinations + Examples

Floor finish
Joist hood / cap
Semi rigid insulation between joists

Floor finish
Floor Boards
Semi rigid insulation between joists
Breather Membrane
Resilient bars

Floor finish
Floor Boards
Joist Hood /cap
Acoustic roll insulation between joists
Breather Membrane

Floor finish
Direct to joist acoustic board
Semi rigid insulation between joists
Resilient bars

The brief examples above are indicative of the build-up of various separating floor insulation installations.

Rigid board insulation is not generally required in these areas unless wet system underfloor heating is being used at all floor levels of the property.

Insulation foils are not recommended as they may promote condensation - leading to dry rot.

Separating Floor Level Insulation Products

Listed below are links to the most popular application specific product brands associated with Ceiling Level insulation projects

Rigid Insulation Boards

Semi Rigid Insulation

Multi-foil & Breather Foils

Breather & Foil Membranes

Plasterboards & Thermal Laminates

Cellecta Acoustic Overlay

Isover Acoustic Roll


Tyvek Housewrap

Gyproc Plasterboard


Knauf Acoustic Roll


Knauf Plasterboard


Knauf Earthwool Slabs


Siniat GTEC Plasterboard

Rockwool Flexi Slabs

Knauf OmniFit Slabs

Rockwool RW Slabs

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