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Breather Membranes - Roofs, Walls & Floors

Designed to protect a property from the ingress of water vapour, while allowing potential condensation to evaporate.

Membranes for roofs come in permeable and non-permeable varieties, and can also be used for walls. However, Breather membranes for walls should not be used on roofs.

We are finding that breather membranes, Tyvek Airguard for example, is becoming increasingly popular as a dust and draft inhibitor when laid upon ground floor level floorboards.

Foil based facings are now becoming quite common, and can offer significant advantages offer traditional unfaced varieties. Including,taking on the role of a Heat Reflecting Membrane.

Breather Membranes - Unfaced

Tyvek Housewrap

Exterior wall solution that is water-resistant, airtight, and vapour membrane, that cuts energy consumption, heating bills and greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere

Tyvek Supro 

Unique functional layer that is entirely made up of millions of unique micro fibres. These are bonded together to create a maze that stops water penetrating, whilst allowing water vapour to freely move through the fibrous pores

Tyvek Supro Plus 

as Supro, but with additional integral adhesive lap tape for sealing required overlaps.

AirGuard Control 

Airtight and condensation free AVCL suitable for roofs, walls and floors help to reduce convective heat losses but also provides effective condensation control and airtightness for all building types.

Tyvek UV Facade 

Suitable for open or ventilated cladding in timber, metal, stone and other materials that ensures optimum protection of the insulation and structure in open or ventilated cladding constructions from sunlight, wind and water.

Breather Membranes - Reflective Facings

AirGuard Reflective 

(Emissivity 0.05) an air and vapour control layer that boosts your thermal insulation. It is 100% air tight AVCL featuring a metallised surface with a very low emissivity, which combined with a non-ventilated airspace significantly boosts thermal insulation in a building. It can be installed in roofs, below ceiling levels as well as in walls.

Tyvek Metal ProClad

Vapour-permeable drainage membrane with integral adhesive lap allowing eventual condensation beneath Stainless Steel, Copper and Zinc roofs to drain away.

Tyvek Reflex

Heat Reflective Breather Membrane - (Emissivity 0.05) suitable in timber frame walls as well as metal frames, masonry and internal insulation upgrades. A vapour open underlay with a metallised surface that reflects radiant heat. It can be used in timber frame walls as well as metal frames, masonry and internal insulation upgrades

Tyvek Enercor Roof

(Emissivity 0.15) is a vapour open roof underlay with a metallised surface which keeps radiant heat out in summer and helps to reduce heat loss in winter.

Please Note:

AVCL = Air and vapour control layer. Emissivity = A calculation of a surface to emit energy by radiation. Lower is better.

Breather Membrane products from other Manufacturers

Dupont are the market leaders with their Tyvek products. Due to DuPont's significant economies of scale, their prices are very competitive. We are always happy to price products from other manufacturers, but anticipate that these would incur minimum quantities and extra delivery charges

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