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Multi-Foil Heat Reflecting Membranes

Multi-foil is the most popular of the foil insulation genre, as it is designed to inhibit the condensation difficulties that are inherent in bubble foil and single foil products.

Most commonly, multi-foil insulation is used to complement insulation boards, slabs or rolls to achieve optimum U Values, while minimising the spacial requirements of roofs, walls and floors. They have been designed to inhibit the condensation difficulties that are inherent in bubble foil and single foil foil products.

Some multi foils can be used in double layers to help achieve the required 0.18 U Value ... above and below rafters; above and between rafters, or between and below rafters.

Multi-foil is available from us in various thickness’s, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 65mm, and 100mm.

YBS SuperQuilt uses aluminium in its outer facings, which offers better reflectivity, and performance against fire than the other brands, which use aluminium/polymer composite materials.

Multi Foil Insulation incorporating Breather Membranes

YBS BreatherQuilt Multi-Foil + Breather Membrane

40mm - a very flexible, easy to fit, breathable multi-layer insulation that achieves a high thermal resistance. This combined insulating and breather membrane is designed for installation on pitched roof and is ideal for new build & refurbishment. Lightweight, flexible and thin it is fast and simple to install and requires minimal space. This effective over heating / heat loss barrier is equivalent to 65mm of mineral wool, and is Dutch Board of Agrément Certified.

TLX Gold - Multi-Foil + Breather Membrane

33mm - flexible reflective insulation with combined breather membrane is easily and quickly installed. TLX Gold delivers an air barrier; allows water vapour to pass through, and provides all the benefits of multi-foil insulation in one space saving product.

Multi Foils with Aluminium Outer Facings

YBS SuperQuilt

40mm - easy to fit, very flexible, multi-layer insulation that offers significant thermal benefits. Unlike our other multi-foils, SuperQuilt has aluminium foil facings, rather than aluminised polyester. BDA certified, and Class 1 fire rated for surface flame spread.

Multi Foils with Aluminised Polyester Outer Facings (in order of thickness)

Actis Triso Super 10+

35mm - is effective both in summer and winter: Certified as the equivalent of 210mm of mineral wool by BM TRADA Certification.

YBS ThermaQuilt

32mm - ThermaQuilt effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer by reflecting infra-red radiation. It is effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building. In the summer ThermaQuilt works as a barrier to solar overheating, which reduces the need for artificial cooling systems as it prevents the accumulation of heat within the building.

TLX Silver

30mm - for pitched roofs, walls & floors, is an easily installed, space saving, flexible reflective insulation. Complete with BBA Certification.

Multi-Foils for Under-floor Applications

Actis Triso Sols

7mm - Multi for under-floor - Actis claim this product uniformly reflects the heat generated by hot water under floor heating systems. It eliminates thermal bridging at floor edges as well as reducing linear heat loss, and helps reduce impact noises

Multi foil products from other Manufacturers

Additional makers of multi-foils certainly exist. Our comprehensive list reflects the most popular and trusted manufacturers.

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