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Phenolic insulation boards are the most effective rigid insulation board insulationRigid Phenolic Insulation Boards

Phenolic insulation boards are the most effective type of rigid insulation boards currently available.

These closed-cell boards combine phenolic resin with a surface acting agent that is converted into a sheet material, then laminated to various facings, and cut into boards. The fire performance of phenolic foam is extraordinary. It produces little or no flame spread, creates nominal smoke and very low-level of toxic gas emissions.

Like PIR Boards, phenolic rigid foam boards are primarily used on the roofs, walls and floors of domestic housing, offices, retail and industrial warehousing facilities etcetera.

Again, like PIR Rigid Foam Boards, most commonly, Phenolic boards are laminated with pure aluminium foil facings, glass tissue facings, plasterboard, as described below.

Phenolic Boards with Aluminium Foil Facings both sides

Kingspan K7 - Phenolic Pitched Roof Boards for rafter level insulation for tiled or slated pitched warm roof space

K7 pitched roor rafter level rigid phenolic insulation board

Kingspan K8 - Phenolic Partial Fill Cavity Wall Insulation Boards

Kingspan K12 - Phenolic Cavity Wall Framing Boards

Kingspan K15 - Phenolic Rainscreen Board used to insulate behind cladding systems

Phenolic Boards with Aluminium Facing + Glass Tissue

Kingspan K10 - Soffit Board designed for use under structural ceilings

Phenolic Boards with Glass Tissue Facings both sides

Kingspan K3 - Phenolic Floor Insulation for supported or suspended concrete and timber floors

Kingspan K5 - External Wall Board fixed to masonry or timber frame walls behind polymer modified render systems

Phenolic Boards with Plasterboard

Gyproc Thermaline - Phenolic, XPS and EPS Insulated Plasterboards

Kingspan K17 - Rigid Phenolic Boards for Plaster Dab and Adhesive Bonding

Kingspan K18 - Phenolic thermal laminate plasterboards for Mechanical Fixing

Knauf Thermal Laminates - Phenolic = Pink, XPS =Vapour-check, and EPS = White, Insulated Plasterboards (Greater London deliveries only)

Phenolic Boards from other Manufacturers

Frankly speaking, Kingspan have cornered the Phenolic Foam Rigid Board market in all but Insulated Plasterboard / Thermal Laminate products, but we are always happy to price products from other manufacturers.

With the exception of Insulated Plasterboards, due to the economies of scale and the facility to quickly calculate product prices and delivery costs, we actively promote Kingspan Phenolic, whose products are generally the most readily available.

While other manufacturers may not be in a position to compete directly with Kingspan, their products are out there. Unfortunately, due to product availability and delivery logistics of such products, they have to be 'Priced on Application.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Phenolic boards are the most effective type of rigid insulation boards currently available.

Comparing premium performance Phenolic boards, such as Kingspan K7, offers interesting results

  • PIR Boards at a thickness of 100mm would require only an equivalent of 90mm of Phenolic insulation to achieve the same R-Value
  • An approximate price comparison of 50m² of 100mm PIR = £513.36, while 90mm Phenolic = £895.98

Please consider the table below ...

PIR Boards compared to Phenolic Foam and EPS




R-Value (m²K/W)

R/Value ±

Celotex GA4100 / Kingspan TP10




Kingspan K7








Thickness ±

Celotex GA4000 / Kingspan TP10




Kingspan K7







Price (m²)

Price ±

Celotex GA4100 / (Coverage 51.84m²)





Kingspan K7 (Coverage 51.84m²)






Phenolic Insulation Boards are more expensive than the equivalent PIR (polyisocyanurate) Boards of the same R-Value.

Please Note:

Prices were correct at the time of writing - January 10, 2016.

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