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Rigid Polystyrene Insulation Boards

EPS polystyrene come in at the lower end of the rigid board insulation scale due to their poorer insulation properties and reduced fire protection performanceEPS Polystyrene insulation boards are the least effective type of rigid insulation boards.

Predominantly, polystyrene insulation comes in two flavours EPS (Expanded) and XPS (Extruded). Of the two, XPS is claimed to out-perform EPS.

Most commonly XPS is manufactured in bulk by companies such as Dow Chemicals and Kingspan (Styrozone) is supplied to, and used by, the largest building firms.

EPS is sold in smaller quantities in is readily available to the general public. It is an extremely versatile material, produced in various densities. It features a high compressive strength, low water absorption properties, yet is a lightweight product, offering excellent impact resistance and has specific thermal qualities. In the manufacturing process, EPS is easily moulded, into pipe-section insulation, for example.

Branded polystyrene insulation boards contain a fire retardant additive, and do not present an undue fire hazard when correctly installed. Non-branded polystyrene boards may present an increased fire risk.

Polystyrene - EPS (Extruded Polystyrene) closed cell insulation

Kay Metzeler EPS70 - EPS70 Under Floor Polystyrene Boards

Polystyrene - XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) closed cell insulation

Kingspan Styrozone - XPS Specialist Polystyrene Boards

EPS and XPS closed cell boards, and composite polystyrene insulation from other manufacturers

Branded Polystyrene insulation that is safe and effective in ground floor installations

There are a small number of manufacturers producing branded polystyrene insulation boards, There is also a market for non-branded cheap foreign imports that offer little or no certification of thermal or fire safety performance. We strongly advise caution in using such products.

As it stands, for retro-fitting applications, we only recommend the use of polystyrene insulation boards in ground floor applications, and recommend that formal professional advisc is sought for pitched roof, flat roof and walls.

Larger new build projects often include XPS insulation throughout the building, however, such projects are governed by Building Control requirements that insist upon insulants that are safe, effective and fit for purpose.

Insulated plasterboards, or thermal laminate composite boards offer EPS and XPS variations. Such boards benefit from the closed cell vapour resistance inherent in polystyrene, however their performance does not compare with that of PIR or Phenolic.

Composite insulation products from quality manufacturers such as Cellecta and Marmox are effective, but these non-stock items are subject to 'pricing on application.'

Composite EPS and XPS Boards

Insulated Plasterboards - EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

Gyproc Themaline Basic - Insulated Plasterboard - EPS

Knauf Thermal Laminate  White - Insulated Plasterboard - EPS

Warmline Themaline Basic - Insulated Plasterboard - EPS

Insulated Plasterboards - XPS (Extruded Polystyrene)

Gyproc Themaline Plus - Insulated Plasterboard - XPS

Knauf Thermal Laminate Plus - Insulated Plasterboard - XPS

Warmline Themaline XPS - Insulated Plasterboard - XPS

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