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Ultra Vapour Clad External Cladding Membrane

Ultra Cladding Roll for Building Exterior, and Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Cladding

Ultra Vapour Clad is a multi-layered peel off laminate covering, requiring no additional mastics or adhesives to create a seal. Ultra is an advanced, economical alternative for replacement of mastics, glass fibre cloth, butyl sheeting and other external insulation coverings.

Ultra Clad's excellent weathering properties make it ideal for outdoor applications.

Product Applications

d TapesUltra Building Exterior Cladding
  • Vapour Clad is quick and easy to install, which eliminates the need for expensive off-site fabrication.
  • This is an adhesive tape product, it does not require any screws, rivets or sealants, which reduces the possibility of human error.
  • Vapour Clad is lightweight, flexible and easy to cut without the need for any specialist tools, allowing for low labour cost.
  • Vapour Clad’s multi-layer, laminated construction provides resistance to absolute water vapour and other harsh environmental conditions.
  • It can be used over most types of thermal insulation, including: cellular glass, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and rigid Phenolic Foam

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Product Advantages

  • Fire Rating - BS 476: Part 7, Class 1 / BS 476: Part 6, Class O.
  • Cold weather adhesive with moderate adhesion offers good sealing and bonding in HVAC applications.
  • Low moisture vapour transmission rate offers excellent sealing and patching performance.

Product Properties


Typical Values


Material Thickness Without Liner

5.2 mils (0.133mm) – Smooth
9.4 mils (0.240mm) – Embossed


Overlap Adhesion

60 oz/inch

(ASTM D1000)

Tensile Strength

105.3 kg/cm2

(ASTM D882)

Tear Strength

4.4 kg

(ASTM D1004)

Bursting Strength

15.1 kg/cm2

(CNS 2054)

Puncture Resistance

22.8 kg

(FTMS 101C2065.1)



(ASTM D882)

Water Vapour Permeance

0.00 perm

(ASTM E96)

Service Temperature

-40°C to + 120°C


Flame/Smoke Rating

<25/50, Class 1/Class A
Class 'O'

(ASTM E84)
(BS476 Parts 6 & 7)

Product Characteristics

Five ply, UV coated Aluminium / Polyester / Aluminium / Polyester / Aluminium laminate with pressure sensitive adhesive and release paper liner.

A puncture resistant facing for exterior and interior applications, with a five-layer aluminium and polyester laminate that has become the industry standard covering for all sorts of types of insulation.

Ideal for use with insulation, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, construction, industrial, or glazing, we can supply single or double coated films, foams, tapes, papers, and more.

Specify for replacement of fab and mastics, butyl duct wrap, and other interior and exterior jacketing materials. It can be applied to foam glass, mineral fibre insulation, nitrile rubber foam, and semi-rigid and rigid foam insulation.

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Ultra Cladding Roll Datasheet | Ultra Cladding Tape Datasheet |

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