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Armaflex Nitrile Rubber Elastomeric Foam Sheets and Tubes from Armacell

Armacell's Armaflex Tubes and Sheets are sold in pack quantities. We do not split these packs. £500 minimum order size applies. Orders combined with other product brands, will be treated as separate orders. For further clarification, see our Terms and Conditions, or contact us directly - details below

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Our Prices are currently being revised please contact us for the latest prices

Our Prices are currently being revised please contact us for the latest prices

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Availability: Armaflex products require one to four working days lead-times and are commonly sent out by courier.

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Elastomeric Rubber Insulation

Armacel's expanded closed-cell structured rubber foam product, Armaflex, makes it an efficient insulation that is formaldehyde free, low VOCs, fibre free, dust free, CFC free with an ODP of zero which means an environmentally friendly product.

Insulating pipe and ductwork is one of the most effective ways to protect an installation, thereby restricting energy losses, as well as the prevention of condensation and the associated risks of pipe corrosion and mould growth.

Armaflex foam rubber closed-cell structure resists mould and mildew, as well as heat and moisture flow, and prevents condensation and energy losses.

Armacell's range of thermal insulation materials is specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by modern mechanical services. Class 'O' Armaflex is the flexible, closed cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber insulation that offers reliable protection against condensation and effectively prevents energy loss.

Armaflex Continuous Sheets, Tube Lengths, Tapes and Adhesives

Armaflex continuous sheets insulate trunking

A highly efficient method of insulating hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning duct work and refrigerated pipe work for frost protection, energy conservation and condensation control. The thermal properties of Armaflex will not rapidly deteriorate over time as other insulation materials may and, by keeping moisture as far from the pipe surface as possible, it reduces the risk of expensive under insulation corrosion.

The built in vapour barrier prevents condensation, reduces energy losses by up to 87%, is lightweight and flexible, quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements, resulting in time and cost savings, and provides excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil and chemicals.

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Armaflex Nitrile Rubber Elastomeric Foam Sheets and Tubes from Armacell

Armaflex (UK) Limited

Mars Street · Oldham · Greater Manchester · OL9 6LY

Telephone: +44 (0)161 287 7100 - Fax: +44 (0)161 633 2685
Web sites: Armacell Home Page.

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