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Recticel manufacture a range of range of high quality rigid PIR insulation boards- PIR Insulation Boards from EcoTherm

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy EcoTherm Rigid PIR Boards

Eco-Versal - PIR boards are suitable for pitched / flat roofs, framed wall applications, also floors with underfloor heating systems

Pro-Versal - Premium quality for pitched roofs at rafter or loft ceiling level, internal wall and floor applications

Eco-Deck - Tough, structural, pre insulated thermal roof decking for flat roofs allowing deck and insulate in one simple application

Eco-Cavity - Partial fill cavity wall installation, achieves high levels of thermal performance for thinner constructions

Eco-Liner - Thermal laminate plasterboard insulates and drylines walls in one application. Ideal for new builds or for refurbishments.

Kingspan Kooltherm Phenolic Foam, Therma PIR, and Styrozone Polystyrene range of rigid insulation boards PIR Rigid Insulation Boards from Kingspan

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Kingspan Rigid PIR Boards

ThermaPitch TP10 - is pitched roof rafter level insulation for tiled or slated pitched warm roof spaces

ThermaRoof TR24 - fibre free flat roof insulation that is compatible with the majority of torch applied waterproofing systems

ThermaRoof TR26 - foil faced insulation for flat roofs waterproofed with mechanically fixed single-ply waterproofing

ThermaRoof TR27 - glass tissue faced for flat roofs waterproofed with fully adhered single-ply, partially bonded built-up felt, mastic asphalt

ThermaWall TW50 - produced for partial fill cavity wall insulation

ThermaWall TW53 - designed for wall insulation for use behind traditional and lightweight polymer modified renders

ThermaWall TW55 - specifically for insulating timber and steel wall framing systems

ThermaFloor TF70 - designed for insulation of solid concrete and suspended ground floors

Kingspan PIR Boards are marketed by Kingspan as being application specific. However, TP10, TW55 and TF70 are actually the same board, and are so marked on the edge of each board.

Commonly sold in small pack quantities, splitting these packs can be challenging.

Recticel manufacture a range of range of high quality rigid PIR insulation boards- PIR Insulation Boards from Recticel

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Recticel Rigid PIR Boards

Eurothane GP - PIR boards are suitable for use across pitched roof or framed wall applications, as well as floors with underfloor heating systems

Eurodeck - premium quality flat roof PIR insulation board for use under mechanically fixed single ply membrane systems

Powerdeck F - robust, quality PIR insulation board for built-up felt, mastic asphalt and single ply membrane waterproofing systems

Powerdeck U - high performance PIR board for warm flat roofs with hot applied waterproofing or bitumen compatible single-ply membrane systems

Recticel Products - available on request / priced on application / manufactured to order

  • Eurothane FP - high performance PIR insulation with Class 0 fire performance suitable for use across multiple applications.
  • Eurothane PL - thermal laminate plasterboards for renovating roof voids, lofts, ceilings and walls
  • Eurothane PC - strong, robust PIR insulation board that’s suitable for composite concrete panel systems
  • Eurothane Plylok - Flat Warm Roof PIR Insulation with bonded WBP external grade plywood
  • Eurothane Silver - PIR Board faced with Single Foil Laminate for use in warm flat roofs under mechanically fixed single-ply membrane waterproofing systems
  • Powerdeck B - durable rigid PIR insulation board for use in warm flat roofs under torch-on, bituminous waterproofing systems
  • Eurowall + - full-fill insulation board with precision cut tongue and groove joints on all 4 sides, ensuring boards lock tightly together to minimising heat loss
  • Eurowall Cavity - top quality, high performance rigid PIR product for cavity wall applications

Please note that Kingspan Therma PIR Boards are Specialist. Commonly sold in small pack quantities, splitting these packs can be challenging.

Buy Celotex General Purpose Panels - PIR Rigid Insulation Boards from Celotex

Availability of Celotex Insulation Boards for General & Specialist Applications

  • Regrettably, we have encountered considerable challenges since the acquisition of Celotex by the large French holding company, Saint Gobain, whose new policy is to supply all of their products in pallet quantities. They are also requiring minimum runs, commonly in excess of 500 square metres, for their specialist boards.
  • Unfortunately, the investment required in the storage space and ongoing financial requirements needed to carry the 75 line items that we sold previously is just not feasible for our fifty-odd distribution depots. Consequently,, with its £175.00 minimum order level will be required to drop Celotex lines in favour of those supplied by Ecotherm and Recticel.
  • Our sister web site,, with its minimum order level of £500.00, is in a better position to continue the supply of Celotex. The links below have been amended to take visitors to

Kingspan Kooltherm Phenolic Foam range of rigid insulation boards- Phenolic Foam Rigid Insulation Boards from Kingspan

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Kingspan Kooltherm Rigid Phenolic Foam Boards

Kingspan K3 - for use in ground floors, on supported or suspended concrete and timber floors

Kingspan K5 - mechanically fixed to masonry or timber frame walls behind polymer modified render systems

Kingspan K7 - pitched roof boards for rafter level insulation for tiled or slated pitched warm roof spaces

Kingspan K8 - premium performance partial fill cavity wall insulation with low emissivity foil facings

Kingspan K10 - is a soffit board designed for use under structural ceilings

Kingspan K12 - cavity wall framing board faced both sides with low emissivity composite foil, installed between or outside timber or metal studwork.

Kingspan K15 - rainscreen board is faced both sides and is used to insulate behind cladding systems

Kingspan K17 - performance insulated phenolic plasterboard for Plaster Dab and Adhesive Bonding

Kingspan K18 - performance insulated phenolic plasterboard for Mechanical Fixing

Please note that Kingspan Kooltherm Boards are Specialist and are commonly sold in pack quantities. Normally, we cannot split these packs.

Kingspan Kooltherm Phenolic Foam, Therma PIR, and Styrozone Polystyrene range of rigid insulation boardsKay Metzeler EPS70 Expanded Polystyrene for high compresive strength under floor rigid insulation- EPS & XPS Rigid Polystyrene Boards - Kay Metzeler & Kingspan

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Kay Metzeler and Kingspan Styrozone Polystyrene Boards

Kay Metzeler EPS70 - Expanded Polystyrene rigid panels for under floor, and under-floor heating applications. Can be fitted between or below the joists to provide insulation to suspended timber ground floors. Can also be used below a sand/cement screed, or above either a concrete slab, precast suspended concrete floor or beam and block floor systems.

Kingspan Styrozone - Extruded Polystyrene products commonly used in new-build projects at roof, wall and floor levels.
Due to the unique use, and application specific nature of these products, they are Priced on Application (POA)

Please note

Kingspan Styrozone commonly requires 4 - 5 working days or longer for onward shipping from the manufacturer.

Isover Spacesaver Loft Roll 43, and Isover Acoustic Partition Roll Earthwool building, flexi and cavity slabs, plus loft, rafter and acoustic rolls - Thermal and Acoustic Glass Mineral Wool Rolls

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Isover and Knauf Mineral Wool rolls

Isover Spacesaver Roll - Loft Roll widths of 386mm, 580mm, and 1160mm, pre-cut perforated single rolls

Isover Acoustic Roll - APR1200 quality acoustic insulation mats, perforated to allow choice of full, half or third width options from a single roll.

Knauf Loft Roll - providing thermal insulation between and above ceiling joists in domestic-type pitched roofs

Knauf Rafter Roll 32 - semi-rigid roll for insulating between the rafters of pitched roofs in new build and existing buildings

Knauf Acoustic Roll - unfaced roll of glass mineral wool, supplied in dimensions to suit metal and timber stud partitions at standard 600mm centres

Please note:

Rafter Roll 32 supplies can be challenging from time to time, with minimum order quantities requirements a possibility.

Earthwool building, flexi and cavity slabs, plus loft, rafter and acoustic rolls Rockwool Stone Mineral Wool Building, Flexi and Cavity Slab. Also Fire Barrier System - Mineral Wool Building & Cavity Slabs and Fire Barrier System

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Knauf and Rockwool Mineral Wool Slabs / Batts

Rockwool Building Slabs - stone mineral wool slabs are commonly available from the majority of our depots for delivery within one or two days.

Rockwool Flexi - multi-purpose, flexible (on one edge), non-combustible, mineral wool slab specifically designed for installation by friction fitting.

Rockwool Cavity Batts - rigid full-fill insulation solution for masonry cavity wall construction.

Rockwool Fire Barrier System - vertically hung fire mineral wool barriers are capable of achieving both fire integrity and insulation protection

Knauf Building and Flexi Slabs - un-faced rock mineral wool batts, that can be used in a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation applications.

Knauf DriTherm Cavity Slabs - full fill, semi-rigid slabs of non-combustible, water repellent, glass mineral wool

Please note:

Knauf Earthwool slabs are generally available in and around London. Outside of London supplies can be challenging, with minimum order quantities.

Gyproc Specialist and insulated Plasterboard Thermal LaminatesKnauf Thermal Laminate Wallboards and insulated PlasterboardsSiniat Standard and specialised plasterboards - Plasterboards Standard & Application Specific

Product Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Gyproc, Knauf and Siniat standard and specialised plasterboards

Gyproc British Gypsum - high quality dry linings, available in a broad range of types and sizes to offer the right product for each application

Knauf Drywall Plasterboards - high quality gypsum with a purity of not less than 95%, ensuring wallboards are light and strong yet easy to cut

Siniat GTEC Plasterboards - simple, lightweight, cost-effective, high quality boards offering durability, and assured performance

Accessories and Components - drywall jointing compounds, plasters, fixings, adhesive and metal systems

Please note:

We offer durable, high quality linings for walls and ceilings, and stairwells and corridors. Suitable for even the most demanding fire, sound, thermal, moisture, vapour and impact resistance requirements in an unrivalled range of types and sizes.

We supply Standard and Specialist wallboards to compliment the insulation products that are our core business. Availability of specific brands fluctuates. However, all boards sold by us are of the highest quality.

Buy Celotex General Purpose Panels Gyproc Specialist and insulated Plasterboard Thermal Laminates Kingspan Kooltherm Phenolic Foam, Therma PIR, and Styrozone Polystyrene range of rigid insulation boards Knauf Thermal Laminate Wallboards and insulated Plasterboards Warmline Thermal Laminate Plasterboards incorporating rigid EPS, XPS PIR and Phenolic from U-Value Insulation Insulated Plasterboard Thermal Laminates incorporating EPS; XPS; PIR; and Phenolic Foam

Products Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy EcoTherm, Gyproc, Kingspan, Knauf and U-Value thermal laminates

EcoTherm Eco-Liner - insulated plasterboard incorporating PIR insulation bonded to 12.5mm gypsum board is suitable for plaster dab or mechanical fixing

Gyproc ThermaLine - Gyproc Thermaline Basic (EPS), Thermaline Plus (XPS) and Thermaline Super (Phenolic) Plasterboards - comprise 12.5mm gypsum board bonded to expanded polystyrene; extruded polystyrene; and rigid phenolic foam boards respectively.

Kingspan Kooltherm K17 -  performance insulated phenolic plasterboard for Plaster Dab and Adhesive Bonding is suitable for use with all cavity masonry wall constructions and some solid walls and, as well as timber frame walls.

Kingspan Kooltherm K18 combines insulation, dry-lining and vapour control in one board, and is designed for mechanical fixing. Ideal for use in timber frame constructions or on any dry masonry walls that can support and retain the battens/furrings and associated fixings.

Knauf Thermal Laminates - these plasterboards help prevent wastage of heat through the walls, which reduces the energy required for heating, thereby offering excellent thermal resistance whilst minimising costs, space requirements, and loss of valuable room space.

Warmline Insulated Plasterboards - high performance boards offer a single step application solution, which improves thermal efficiency in both walls and roof applications, Available with EPS, XPS PIR and Phenolic Foam insulation variants. Minimum orders and lead-times apply.

Accessories and Components including Plasterboard Fixing and Finishing - Gyproc, Thistle and Knauf drywall jointing compounds, plasters, fixings, plasterboard adhesive and metal systems

Actis heat reflecting multi-foils and hybris products TLS Silver Multi-foil and TLX Gold Breather / Multi-foil Hybrid, BBA Certified
Multi-Foil Insulation Rolls and Breather Membrane Multi-Foil and Reflective Hybrid Insulation Products

Products Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy Actis, SuperFoil, TLX and YBS Radiant Heat Barriers.

Actis Boost'R Hybrid - 35mm is an entirely new concept - a reflective breathable membrane with an excellent built-in thermal performance for use on the cold side of the building fabric in roofs and walls.

Actis HControl Hybrid - 45mm is a reflective vapour control layer with a built-in thermal performance for use on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish in roofs, walls and ceiling.

Actis Triso Sols 7mm - Multi-foil for under-floor claim this product uniformly reflects the heat generated by hot water under floor heating systems and eliminates thermal bridging at floor edges (because the insulation product can be turned up the walls at the perimeters) as well as reducing linear heat loss, and helps reduce impact noises.

TLX Gold - 33mm - flexible reflective insulation with combined breather membrane is easily and quickly installed. It delivers an air barrier; allows water vapour to pass through, and provides all the benefits of multi-foil insulation in one space saving product.

TLX Silver - 30mm - for pitched roofs, walls & floors, is an easily installed, space saving, flexible reflective insulation. Complete with BBA Certification, TLX Silver is our best value multi-foil.

YBS SuperQuilt - 40mm - easy to fit, very flexible, multi-layer insulation that offers significant thermal benefits. Unlike our other multi-foils, SuperQuilt has aluminium foil facings, rather than aluminised polyester. BDA certified, and Class 1 fire rated for surface flame spread.

YBS ThermaQuilt - 32mm - multi-layer insulation thermally tested achieving a high thermal resistance of up to 2.07m²K/W for ThermaQuilt accompanied by a 38mm air cavity either side of the material

YBS BreatherQuilt - 45mm - breather membrane and multi-foil hybrid that is flexible, easy to fit, breathable multi-layer insulation which achieves a high thermal resistance.

YBS FloorQuilt - 6mm - heat reflective multi-foil insulation for under solid  floor and under-floor heating applications

Please Note:

Multi-foils are most commonly used to complement rigid insulation boards, mineral wool slabs and occasionally mineral glass wool rolls. Multi-foil is available from us in thickness’s, 30mm and 100mm.

YBS SuperQuilt (40mm) is the only multi-foil that presently incorporates aluminium in its outer facings, which offers better reflectivity, and performance against fire than the other brands, which use aluminium/polymer composite materials.

Tyvek Enecor Reflex and Airguard Reflex Reflective Membranes YBS Breather and Bubble Foil Insulation - Heat Reflective Single Foils, Bubble Foils and Breather Foils

Products Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy DuPont Tyvek and YBS Heat Reflecting Membranes.

YBS Airtec Bubble Foil, BBA Certified, multi-layer air bubble film insulation with aluminium bonded to either one face (Airtec-Single) or both faces (Airtec-Double)

YBS Foiltec Single Foil, BBA Certified, Foil-Tec Single and Foil-Tec Double are reinforced, multi-layer coated foil laminate products designed specifically designed for under floor insulation.

YBS Breather Foil-FR, Roofing Membrane is multi-layer aluminium bubble film insulation. Specially developed for use in timber-frame and modular building construction, and can greatly increase the U Value of a roof or timber-frame wall.

Tyvek Enercor, is a vapour open roof underlay with a metallised surface which keeps radiant heat out in summer and helps to reduce heat loss in winter. In combination with the VCL (vapour control layer) DuPont™ AirGuard offer significantly energy savings of up to 15%.

Tyvek AirGuard Reflective, is an air and vapour control layer that boosts your thermal insulation. DuPont™ AirGuard Reflective is a 100% air tight air & vapour control layer (AVCL) featuring a metallised surface with a very low emissivity, which combined with a non-ventilated airspace significantly boosts thermal insulation in a building.

Tyvek Reflex, Heat Reflective Breather Membrane is suitable in timber frame walls as well as metal frames, masonry and internal insulation upgrades, Tyvek Reflex is a vapour open underlay with a metallised surface that reflects radiant heat in summer and helps to reduce heat loss in winter. It can be used in timber frame walls as well as metal frames, masonry and internal insulation upgrades.

Tyvek Building Control Layers from DuPontTyvek Housewrap, Supro, Airguard Control and UV Façade Breather Membranes - Building Control Membranes / Breather Membranes

Products Overview - Open the Products Overview page to quickly review or buy DuPont Tyvek Building Control Layers and Breather Membranes.

Tyvek Housewrap from DuPont, the market leading vapour permeable roofing underlay is an extremely water-resistant, airtight and vapour open membrane, cuts energy consumption, heating bills and greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere

Tyvek Supro and Supro Plus, with a unique functional layer that is entirely made up of millions of unique micro fibres. These are bonded together to create a maze that stops water penetrating, whilst allowing water vapour to freely move through the fibrous pores.
Supro Plus, with integral adhesive lap tape is a non-ventilated pitched roof system helps minimise the risk of condensation. Air infiltration and convective heat losses can also be reduced with the integral sealing all laps.

Tyvek AirGuard Control is a strong air and vapour control layer for optimal airtightness in roofs, walls and floors.
DuPont™ AirGuard Control is an airtight and condensation free 'air-ventilation-control-layer' (AVCL) suitable for roofs, walls and floors help to reduce convective heat losses but also provide highly engineered vapour control for breathing systems. When installed continuously with all laps and penetrations sealed, an AVCL will provide effective condensation control and airtightness for all building types.

Tyvek UV Façade, Breather Membrane is suitable for open or ventilated cladding in timber, metal, stone and other materials. UV Facade ensures optimum protection of the insulation and structure in open or ventilated cladding constructions from sunlight, wind and water. The product fits naturally also for standard wall application. While façades with open rain-screen cladding offer new design options, the insulation and structure still require effective, lifelong protection from the harmful effects of the elements to which it is constantly exposed

Cellecta high performance acoustic insulation products and systems. Soundproof and thermal products for new build and refurbishment projects Karma impact and air-borne noise control acoustic products - Acoustic Insulation, specialised, high performance. Click below.

Cellecta Acoustic composite board sound control products

Cellecta manufactures an extensive range of environmentally friendly acoustic insulation and thermal insulation products. Cellecta provide high performance products for applications including concrete, timber and steel floors, basements, roofs, cavities and walls.

Karma Acoustics Membrane and related sound control products

Karma Acoustics was initially launched by E-Cousti, with a range of products based around innovative acoustic membranes, providing a wide range of solutions. Karma is steadily establishing itself as the market leader, offering a wide range of competitively priced, acoustic solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects for walls, partitions, floors and other structural applications.

Thermafleece natural eco-friendly sheep's wool insulation YBS Non-Itch Insulation rolls and batts - Environmentally friendly Insulation Rolls and Slabs. Click Below.

YBS Non-Itch eco-friendly insulation slabs and rolls, manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, is a great way of putting use to plastics that would otherwise end up in land-fill. It is however, quite expensive.

Thermafleece CosyWool natural sheep's wool offers improved thermal and acoustic ratings over most man-made materials. It is said to absorb and releases moisture with no impact upon thermal performance.

While sheep's wool insulation is effective, it should be recognised that part of its composition is made up of chemicals to inhibit the growth of mould, and infestation.

Armaflex from Armacell nitrile foam rubber insulation tubes and sheets - Elastomeric Rubberised Insulation Tubes and Sheets

Armacel Elastomeric Insulation prevents condensation and energy losses. Class 'O' Armaflex is the flexible, closed cell, elastomeric, nitrile rubber insulation that offers reliable protection against condensation and effectively prevents energy loss.

The expanded closed-cell structure of Armaflex Insulation makes it an efficient insulation. Formaldehyde free, low VOCs, fibre free, dust free. Armaflex’s closed-cell structure resists mould and mildew, as well as heat and moisture flow.

Ultra five ply aluminium laminate cladding - External Aluminium Foil Laminate Cladding - - Online Shopping Page

Ultra Vapour Clad five-ply laminated foil is a puncture resistant facing for exterior and interior applications. Applicable to foam glass, mineral fibre insulation, nitrile rubber foam, and semi-rigid and rigid foam insulation.

The versatile final coat plaster provides good results on all suction backgrounds, and is therefore the best choice for plastering where both undercoats and board backgrounds are involved on the same job. It is also ideal for small jobs and patching Extra wide self-adhesive glass fibre mesh tape. Ideally suited for placing over gaps between internal corners and when reinforcing repairs to small areas of damaged plasterboard High coverage, good impact resistance. Suitable for application by hand, or mechanical plastering machine, to most masonry backgrounds Designed for a variety of backgrounds. Suitable for application by hand or mechanical plastering machine For low suction backgrounds such as concrete, plasterboard or surfaces treated with Thistle Bond Buy  cement-based undercoat plaster for replastering after installation of a damp-proof course Gypsum finish plaster specially formulated for increased resistance to accidental damage. Enables significantly longer maintenance intervals and lower long-term cost Suction control primer to reduce suction on very dry backgrounds. Plaster is applied after Thistle GypPrime has soaked into the background and dried
Insulation Accessories and Complementary Items to Insulation products

The supply of insulation products is our mission, rather than fixings and other associated items such as tools, screws, nailable plugs etcetera. However, we do supply some of the larger/heavier complementary products such as Drywall Adhesives and Fillers, Specialist Building Tapes, Insulation Clips, and so on. However, we do not supply smaller items such as screws, nailable plugs, wall ties and the like.

Product availability indicators

There are presently no availability issues. We reserve the right to substitute the stated brands with products from competitor manufacturers. However, we will not substitute branded items with non-branded products. Observe the 'Star Rating' indicators to assess availability.

Excellent = Product Availability Excellent Good = Product Availability Good Fair = Product Availability Fair Poor =  Product Availability Poor Undetermined = Product Availability Undetermined Product availability depends upon stock levels at closest depot and delivery logistics to geographic locations

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